3 Effortless Ways To Save Money While Traveling

You can make finding the best vacation deals and family holiday vacation packages your life’s work, but wouldn’t you rather spend that time actually traveling? If you’re ready to put less work into saving and more time into exploring the world, here are seven effortless ways you can save big money on travel.


Get Into an Airport Lounge


Airport lounges have always been associated with first class tickets, which is why they sound and look so exclusive. What if they could actually save you money? While some are pricey, there are situations when airport lounges may be more cost effective during your travel.


Think of it this way — the cost of food and beverages at airports can cost up to four times more on average than usual market prices. Prices can be even higher at major metropolitan airports and when you’re getting drinks at an airport bar.


Frequent travelers can consider getting a lounge pass, like the Priority Pass, that gets you into a lounge for as little as under twenty dollars a time. That can pay in the long run when you consider the typically high food and drink costs at airports.


Book Certain Activities In Advance


Beyond the free sights and activities, you’ll inevitably want to dive into some unique travel experiences that cost money. When it comes to this, a little advance planning can go a long way in saving you some money.


As you do your pre-trip research, you’re encouraged to check out certain paid activities (excursions, tours, experiences) to see if they give you a discount for booking in advance. Frequent travelers will benefit from a Travel Club membership that will give you discounts on excursions, vacation deals, and experiences like cruises no matter what your destination is, in addition to other huge savings.


Travel More Often For Less With Bemodo


The key word for travelers when it comes to big savings is “effortless.” Travelers who truly place a high value on travel experiences in their lives find a huge value in Bemodo Travel Club. You may not believe this when you first read it, but this travel membership gives you access to premium hotel discounts at up to 65% off. It’s true.


This includes name-brand, top hotels like Marriot, St. Regis, Hilton, Hyatt, and more. Given that hotels are the most expensive part of a getaway, this adds up to huge savings over time. Actually, the membership (which comes out to less than $30 a month) often pays for itself on the first trip alone. That’s not even taking into account the sign up bonus of a four-night luxury stay for two in Cancun for an insanely discounted price at one of the best beach hotels.


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