3 Simple Ways To Avoid Pain From Working Long Hours At Your Desk

We all have days when we are putting in long hours at the desk. The result is often some pain in our back, shoulders, and neck. It tends to get worse the older we get, and of course, putting in several long days at the office doesn’t help either.

The good news is that it’s completely avoidable with these three simple strategies.

Take Frequent Breaks To Stretch And Move Around

how to avoid desk pain from work


It’s tempting to sit down and work on the computer for long periods of time. It makes us feel productive, and when there’s a tight deadline, we feel that we can’t afford to take breaks. As it turns out, that’s counterproductive. Taking short, frequent breaks and using the time to stretch and move around a bit helps avoid pain and increase productivity. It doesn’t have to be long breaks.


Taking just 30 seconds to stand up and stretch out your back and shoulders is all it takes. Start getting in the habit of doing this now and then. Remind yourself to do it in stressful situations or when you’re in a time crunch to keep up the practice.

Improve Your Posture And Get An Ergonomic Desk & Chair


In addition to stretching, there’s a lot you can do to prevent pain in the first place by using good posture. The key is to avoid hunching over your computer. That’s what’s causing a lot of back pain issues, and over time it can cause long-term damage, including “tech neck.” There are a few things you want to keep in mind. Take a look at how you sit and pay particular attention to the height of your desk and your chair. Read up on proper posture and find the heights that are best for you. Adjust your desk and chair as needed.


Consider getting an ergonomic desk chair that supports your back and helps you keep a good posture. Yes, it’s an expense, but it is money well spent. Think about how much more productive you’ll be in the long run when you’re not dealing with chronic back or neck pain. Checking in with yourself throughout the day to see how your posture is, is another good idea.

Try A Standing Desk And Spend Less Time Sitting


One of the best things you can do is spend fewer hours sitting down. Achieving this could be as simple as getting up when you get a phone call to walk around or hosting and attending online meetings and webinars while standing. Another great option is a standing desk.


You can get a dedicated desk, use some counter space and move your laptop, or find a box that you can use to prop up your laptop or keyboard and screen to a height that’s comfortable for working in a standing position. Then simply complete some of your work tasks while standing up.

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